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Mission Statement:

We at Salt Creek Cattle trust in God, strive to be true stewards of the land, and skillful propagators of Limousin Cattle.  We promise to stand behind our cattle to the best of our abilities.

Salt Creek Cattle & Genetics, LLC
1903 County Street 2840 • Amber, OK 73004 • 405-224-6008

Billy Stewart • 405-274-9338 • [email protected]
Floyd Gauntt • 405-816-8877 • [email protected]

Salt of the Earth Genetics
Sat., October 13, 2012
At the farm • Amber, OK


Craftsman have always wanted to distinguish their work from the competition. Therefore these artisans would place a unique mark on their product. In a time before fences, ranchers marked their cattle with fire and iron, known as "branding." In Texas each ranch had a specific brand they placed on their herd before putting them on the Chisholm Trail. These branded cattle, after crossing the Washita River, were drove right by and up the Salt Creek towards the markets in Abilene, Kansas.

Today "branding" is all about name recognition. We all know the blue oval stands for the Ford Motor Company, and the gold bow tie is the symbol for Chevrolet. When you see our brand, we want you to think integrity, customer service and consistent predictability in our cattle and in our name... Salt Creek Cattle & Genetics, LLC.

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